Task Force (responsible Leo Immonen @leoimmonen)

Want to be involved in organizing events and give back to the guild on a low threshold? Want to see what happens behind the curtains? The Task Force helps the guild’s various committees organize events on a practical level. The tasks thus consist of, among other things, decorating, cooking, carrying stuff and serving. The Task Force is a very suitable position for both Fuksis and older students, and does not require as much commitment as committee roles on average.

Apply to the Task Force:

Committee of external affairs (chair Kasper Kivimäki @RuotsalainenO)

Tietokilta’s committee of external affairs offers the guild fun excursions inside Finland and abroad. The committee also takes care of guild’s external affairs with other guilds in different forms, such as by participating in TiTeenit and having sitsis with them. The style for doing this is free, come and join us with the planning and executing.

Apply for the Committee of external affairs: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScsm7bXChJLUs3eod0fCTnSVslnThr4YY-VxuHX42MI_YCPHw/viewform

International Committee (chairs Sami Kriikku @kviikku & Joonas Sorvari @jompsku)

The international committee is responsible to reach out to all guild members coming to Finland from other countries. Usually this means in practice to make information from the guild available and participation in events possible in English. The expectations of an international student on their studies at Aalto typically differ from the one’s of a Finn. For example, exchange students might want to make a lot of cultural experience during their stay. Supporting the international students in their special interests and needs is an additional goal of the committee. The international tutor recruitment will open later.

Apply to the International Committee:

PhD Committee (chair Jan Studený @jendas1)

New committee for 2022!
This committee was established in 2021 to help PhD students in Computer Science. PhD students are both students and employees of Aalto, they teach but also take courses, and on top of that have to produce research papers. :)

This committee should help PhD students to explore the student culture at Aalto, include them in the guild activities and create connections between PhD students and regular students.

As the PhD committee is the newest committee of Tietokilta, there is quite a room for shaping the committee according to current needs.

Apply to the PhD Committee:

Digi Committee (chair Petrus Asikainen @purkka)

The Digi committee of Tietokilta is looking for guild members interested in developing Tietokilta’s IT infrastructure. The committee is also a great way to get practical experience with software development projects. The main goal for the coming year is to bring the guild’s long-running website project to completion, but we also aim to develop and maintain the guild’s other digital services, and even create some new ones. We’re looking for at least these skills:

Software development: Most of our projects are some kind of web development. We currently intend to use TypeScript, Node.js, Strapi, React and Gatsby, but there’s still room for changes if we find active contributors for something else. In any case, we aim to use widely used technologies, so that we can also find contributors in the future. We’re looking for both experienced and fledgling talent – all help is welcome!

Architecture design, cloud and DevOps: We aim to move most, if not all, of Tietokilta’s IT infrastructure to the cloud, so cloud skills would be useful to the committee. In addition, experience with containers (such as Docker) and infrastructure as code (such as Terraform) is a plus.

Design (UI/UX): We’d also like to have some visually oriented people in the committee, with the ability to design functional and good-looking user interfaces.

Apply to the Digi Committee:

Grandma committee (chair Daniel Kaluski @kaluSCI)

According to a legend, The Grandma club was the best club of them all. Grandmas’ most important mission is to make everyone feel at home and bring everyone together. That’s why we need you to create all this for other guild members. Since 2017 Grandmas have developed and expanded their activities in different ways. The club is mostly known for holding events including handicraft and cooking but also for trying new event concepts. The most memorable and popular events have been marttasitsit, escape room and a trip to an Alpaca farm. Make this your mission. Make everyone feel welcome!

As a committee member you get to help organize events and learn new cooking, crochet and sewing skills! The amount of work largely depends on your eagerness and motivation so no pressure! If you have any new ideas for an event you are welcome to join our meetings and talk about them!

Apply to the Grandma Committee:

Sports Committee

Sports committee is responsible for organizing sporting activities and events for the guild. Events organized by the committee can be almost anything related to sports.
As a member of the committee, you can influence the guild’s sports activities and share the joy of sports with the whole guild through the ideation and organization of events.

Apply to the Sports Committee:

Abi Marketing Committee (chair Sanna Alander @sannanna)

The abi marketing committee is responsible for marketing computer science as a field of study for high schoolers especially last year high school students (aka abis). Previously the members of the committee have for example visited their own old high schools and other high schools as well and told about what it is like to study computer science. The abi marketing committee also organises different events for abis especially. This autumn we for example organised Abiday which was done in collaboration with similar committees from Inkubio and Fyysikkokilta.

The goal for next year is to organise even more high school visits and events. Anyone interested in abi marketing is welcome to join the committee!

Apply to the Abi Marketing Committee: https://forms.gle/pcAcwfezFPCvMQ6j6

Corporate Relations Committee (chair Henri Tunkkari @grilliburgeri)

The most important task of the corporate relations committee is to handle the communication between Tietokilta and its partner corporations. Working in the committee enables you to grow your network with leading companies in the field, as well as provides valuable experience in business cooperation. In addition to communication, the committee also performs other varying tasks, such as organizing excursions, selling sponsorship packages, preparing a recruitment magazine and a recruitment platform pilot, as well as building the guild’s largest recruitment event UraTiKAS. You can ask more about the committee and its tasks from the head of corporate relations!

Apply to the Corporate Relations Committee: